Monday, October 31, 2011


Tonight we film BODYCOMBAT release 51.
Many travelled to come and partake in our new release filming's and we hope to give all a great workout and a magical experience.
As you walk into studio 1 at Lesmills Auckland, there is a sense of electricity ... It's a funny feeling even after all these years.
Watching the dvd's and wondering "wow I bet it's insane to do one of those class's".
As time has past the studio has been upgraded and is now fitted with a fantastic sound system and lights, a different stage and floor.
For some it's just "another class" and to a point it is!, just another work out.
To others it is magic? It's a new release full of crazy,challenge,fun,choreography...
I guess from time to time that magic dies?
Well I say good on YOU .. Good on to those that love the magic and the electricity!.. Good on those that get there DVD's thru the post and feel all the awaited excitement , good on those that learn there material and teach with all there heart and fun, and good on those that spread the word of health.
Tonight we dedicate BODYCOMBAT 51 to those!!.
Rach will start the class tonight with the upper body warmup, she hands to me to fire up the legs, our local boy T will lead thru the next 2 tracks, and he's pumped!
Rach and I will then rock back and forth for the rest of the class .
The days of " just another work out " will always be there. But let's rock this moment for the ones that feel the hairs on there arms and neck stand up as the words shout lets " BODYCOMBATtttttttt..."
Keep it real and stay with the fight.

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