Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Filming night for BODYCOMBAT 51.

The lead up to filming release 51 was totally awesome.
After sitting at a Computer screen ensuring the content of the BODYCOMBAT notes matched our scripts , T Rach and I chilled and messed around listening to music and doing silly impressions.
All 3 of us hadn't trained for at least 24 hrs and u could tell we were getting fidgety.
As the night passed from 6pm , 830pm and finally 930pm , we put our jackets on wished each other luck and headed to the gym.
Stopping off along the way to pick up our new specially designed BODYCOMBAT 51 gloves from Wendy , who bless her had been pushed to the wire to have them ready! But... Omg they were awesome!! They have blood and claws on them (Halloween) and the word champion. Have a look at the athlete website on the right hand side of this page and click on it to buy them.
Our clothes were the MMA shorts with a cut of sleeve style MMA designed tank top for the boys and Rach had the same shorts but a cut cut off sleeve V neck style top with a shoe lace I thought it was very gladiator .
As it was so late and no room back stage the 3 of us came out into the floor and said hi to heaps of instructors and got the buzz goin on the floor. T and I headed to the back of the room to do our normal pre class warmup and after sitting around all day, trust us we needed it.
It was time to mic up and get ready to start.
After a quick hands in the middle back stage and quick pat on the back we always like to use the famous Pete line" be what you want to see on a DVD" to us it simply keeps us grounded and to ensure this DVD is mainly to inspire instructors to educate there class members at the highest level.
Rach starts the warmup off and got the floor pumped for the workout..
I got us into the lower body warmup which has a repeat of the beginning choreography at the end so a simple routine to follow and teach leaving plenty of time to get a feel for how to kick.
T takes us into tracks 2 and 3 and during the trial class's got stronger and more creative... It was great watching someone else bring our work alive. He did a great job and was sad to say bye. He lives in Wellington which is either a 10 hr drive south of Auckland or of course you fly back.
Rach and I worked back and forth for the rest of the class changing up the vibe in the room and having fun with the crowds...
The music for this round again is a great mix for the members in class of mainstream , top 40, or in this case
Top 10, some rock, dance and techno and a couple of fun sing alongs.
It was pretty tight with only one stop due to a wet mic pack b4 track 9 and a re take of the run around at the end to help with edits.
I'm glad we didn't have to re film tracks 4,6,7,8,9 as those tracks are the ones that kick ya butt.
We really enjoyed meeting those that traveled , and chatted heaps to all during the lead up.. So thank you to those that said hi!.. And to the others that watched from afar thank you for supporting and being there.
Today Rach kicks back into shbam and my self into CXWORX 6 we film again on Thursday and Friday..
I'll update then..
Keep it real and stay with the fight.

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  1. Greetings from Greece. I'm sure that once more everything will be perfect.
    Happy filming with CX and Sh'bam.

    P.S. Why do you let open comments, when you never reply to them?

  2. Sorry sometimes it's hard to reply to anonymous I feel rude.. Thank you for your kind words and support

  3. Posting a comment with the intent of feedback, that's the reason for the POST A COMMENT box otherwise it would state POST A QUESTION (tee hee)
    With that said...:-) it was a pleasure to do the gloves- talk about close to the wire, it doesn't get much closer.
    Incidentally all of the COMBAT 51 gloves we designed have not SOLD OUT! Do not fear our factory is already busilly making more and they will be ready in approx 3 weeks. We will upload them to the site in the next 48 hours. All are welcome to preorder
    Always in support of such awesome Combat trainers as yourselves
    Wendy and the Athlete-X Team

  4. Dan ... you always do such a wonderful job. You and Rach keep me motivated with your enthusiasm. I am always excited to get the new body combat release ... but I must admit there are some days where it is really hard to get myself motivated to workout becaue life (kids, career, husband) gets in the way. That being said ... once I start one of the workouts and see you and Rach up on the stage (and of course the other bc presenters too)I know I am in for an awesome time and at the end I feel so much better. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into each and every release!!

  5. In French ...J'adore le Body Combat !! I discovered this activity since a few months in my club!!I'm not a specialist of combat sports but only a sportive woman. I burst, I would like to progress again and again, to be more technical also!! A real release !! thanks so much Lil