Thursday, October 20, 2011

LESMILLS PUMP the truth..


A: Les Mills has teamed up with Beachbody to create LES MILLS PUMP, an at-home workout DVD which will be released in the USA only in late December.

Q: Is this an at-home version of BODYPUMP®?

A: LES MILLS PUMP is a box set of 12 at-home workouts based on BODYPUMP® and other Les Mills programs. It’s for people who prefer to work out at home and will be sold through a nationwide TV infomercial campaign in the US and through Beachbody’s sales coach network.

Q: Why is Les Mills launching an at-home DVD workout?

A: Les Mills is totally focused on growing demand for our classes in clubs across the US! Partnering with Beachbody is a fantastic opportunity to make us a household name thanks to a national infomercial marketing campaign on TV. We’ve seen the power of other exercise brands using an infomercial to drive consumer awareness and demand for classes in clubs. We think the LES MILLS PUMP infomercial has this same potential to fill classes! Plus, it’s a chance to make even more people fitter and change even more lives.

Q: Will LES MILLS PUMP take people away from our classes?

A: We all know that nothing can beat the real thing in clubs with Les Mills trained instructors and our chart-topping music! The DVD product is aimed at people who prefer to work out at home, and it’s not for sale to clubs/ facilities. We’ve been searching for a way to grow consumer awareness and demand for Les Mills classes in clubs, and have seen the power of TV and infomercials to drive awareness and demand for other exercise brands, such as Zumba. The LES MILLS PUMP package contains information on Les Mills, BODYPUMP®, our fantastic instructors as well as a special offer to try the live Les Mills experience in a club or facility (stay tuned!).

Our experience with Nestle in Europe, partnering on at-home workout CDs sold with cereal boxes, showed an increase in demand for classes in clubs and non-health club customers walking through the door asking for Les Mills. In Italy, while 90% of purchasers surveyed had not heard of Les Mills prior to the CD workout, 52% said it made them want to try a Les Mills class in a club. That’s a lot of potential new members!

Q: What’s a Beachbody ‘coach’ and will they be teaching Les Mills programs?

A: A Beachbody coach is a sales person who sells Beachbody’s products on behalf of the company. They are not instructors and won’t be teaching LES MILLS PUMP or any other Les Mills programs – that’s what our Tribe of 90,000 highly trained instructors is for!

Q: Is Les Mills launching an at-home workout just to make easy money?

A: We’re investing in LES MILLS PUMP to grow demand for our classes in clubs across the USA. Partnering with Beachbody is a fantastic opportunity to make us a household name thanks to a national infomercial marketing campaign on TV, and drive more people into clubs.

Q: What are we meant to tell our participants when they ask about LES MILLS PUMP?

A: We all know that nothing can beat the real thing in clubs with Les Mills trained instructors and our chart-topping music! LES MILLS PUMP is designed for people who prefer to workout at home.Q: Are you going to be releasing more DVD products with Beachbody?

A: The DVD goes on sale in late December so it’s really too early to say how it will go. We’re judging success on how LES MILLS PUMP helps drive people into classes and clubs.

Q: Is Beachbody a reputable company for Les Mills to be working with?

A: Beachbody is the leading provider of home workouts in the USA. Their mission statement is to “Help people achieve their goals to lead a more healthy, fulfilling life.” Les Mills is a global group fitness leader and we carefully selected Beachbody as believe this is an exciting partnership for both brands to change even more lives through fitness.

Q: How do clubs and instructors make the most of this opportunity?

A: We’re finalizing fantastic new resources to equip clubs and instructors with the tools to leverage this massive brand awareness and drive people to clubs. You’ll hear more from us in the coming month.

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  1. hey dan, the big question on everyone's mind is ...are you teaching on the DVDs?

  2. Thanks for sharing this information.

    Though I share the intention of promotion our programs and brand infomercials in the US might not be the best channel to do so. They are cluttered with shady products and services that promise results in weeks with just a few minutes a day and we all know it does not work like that.

    I feel that we all have done a big work to lift our brands (Les Mills and programs) through exceptional quality to now see it at the same level, promoted the same way as fitness wonders like the Shake Weight and other miraculous products that promise 6-pack abs.

    I hope we receive more information regarding this soon.


  3. Rob
    Haha.. Not sure if that though is on peeps minds but flattering..
    Yip it was a 5 month project very intense especially as travel and my 2 programs CXWORX and BODYCOMBAT obvisouly had to continue to hit dead lines and meet the extremely high standard Rach and I place on our sleves.
    I was very lucky to be a part of 12 presenters who worked there but off sharing the very passionate " for a healthier planet" vision.

    Any new info I'll add on this site or at least direct you thru a link to the information.
    Thanks heaps for your comments

  4. I agree with Milton. People could mistake Body Pump with another empty promise of misleading advertising

  5. Thank you for clearing some things up.

    How about the technique? I'm just concerned. They smash it into our heads in training to teach proper technique. Some participants still dont get the ques and there are even instructors who have bad technique. How is the average joe supposed to get things right?

    Just wondering :)