Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lesmills pump

We’re excited! Les Mills has teamed up with Beachbody to create an at-home workout DVD called LES MILLS PUMP, which will be released to the US market in late December.
Beachbody is the leading provider of home workout programs… So why are we doing it?
Les Mills is totally focused on growing demand for our classes in clubs across the US. Partnering with Beachbody is a fantastic opportunity to make us a household name thanks to a national infomercial marketing campaign on TV.
The home workout set will include information about Les Mills and BODYPUMP®, as well as an offer to try the live workouts in clubs!
This is an amazing chance to make more people fitter and change even more lives. Just like we do every day.
We all know that nothing can beat the real thing in clubs with Les Mills trained instructors and our chart-topping music!

LES MILLS PUMP is a box set of 12 workouts based on BODYPUMP® and other Les Mills programs. It’s designed for people who prefer to work out at home.

It’s presented by an all-star team of Les Mills Program Directors and Master Trainers to really show how amazing our instructor Tribe is!

On sale at the end of the year in the US only.

Will be promoted by a national infomercial campaign on TV (direct to consumer), and sold through Beachbody’s sales coach network. (PS: they’re called Coaches, but it doesn’t mean they teach!)

Sold as a home workout only, and not able to be used in clubs or other facilities. Only licensed clubs and you, our trained instructors, can teach Les Mills’ classes in clubs.
We’re finalizing new promotional resources to help us all make the most of this exciting initiative. Stay tuned!
Beachbody have started promoting LES MILLS PUMP to their sales coach network, so you’ll start to see some comments around this. Take a look at the video below for a sneak preview of what's coming.

You’ll hear more from us in the coming month.
Here’s to getting even more people moving.

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  1. Will it available in other countries in future. This is a good stuff.

  2. I love your work Dan ... not so sure about the Les Mills Home Program though.

  3. The infomercial does not do Body Pump, Les Mills or the dedicated trainers and instructors justice. Whiile I think a home version is needed, this promotional piece (infomercial) is over scripted, unrealistic, cheesey, and clearly crafted and edited by folks who have never taken a BodyPump class. I hope it goes through another round of editing before it is released. I teach marketing so I can say with confidence that the Les Mills brand is not represented well in this infomercial.

  4. I think it's a good move toward the goal, for a fitter planet.

  5. george,
    maybe in the future ?

    anonymous1) thanks heaps, Rach and i are very committed to our work.

    anonymous 2) I have no comment as i'm not in marketing, how ever, from watching that short uncompleted version i know the name of the product and who its targeted for.. so in a way job done?

    yup i totally agree.. i mean think about it.. some peeps are afraid to come to class, or there are no lesmills programs near them.. if this is a stepping stone to making them feel a wee bit braver to try something new, to better there lives, to have an opportunity to meet others? then in my book thats awesome.
    i know some peeps are afraid that there will loose money due to loss of class numbers or saftey etc..
    i disagree..
    this product is making the public more aware about the lesmills brand. because believe it or not if you walked up to a joe blogs in the street and said bodypump? there may look at you strange... yet you say zumba, diet coke, hey even Mcdondals... they would certainly know what your referring to.. and im just using those three as examples they may not be great examples sorry.. however my point.
    the power of TV'it draws people in to try new things..
    and this product im sure will do exactly that..
    so i say good luck.. and if your reading and you have not tried a lesmills class.. then go to the lesmills website and click on class locator

    1. I recently purchased Les Mills Pump Deluxe Kit from Beachbody and I LOVE it. I have always preferred to workout at home for convenience and only attended a gym specifically for Les Mills programs. There used to be 2 places near my home that had Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Jam and Sh'Bam classes. Both places are gone now so when I saw the informercial for Les Mills Pump, I immediately picked up the phone, didn't think about it - to me it was a no brainer. Regardless of having Les Mills Pump, I would attend live classes if they are ever available in my area again.