Monday, January 23, 2012

How to stay BODYCOMBAT and CXWORX fit!!

3 very quick work outs that are super intense but as always please modify them so you can complete.

1) I call this one the " shadow"

X1min full range pushups
X1min fast mountain climbers
X1min clean and press ( any weight)
Repeat this 3 set back to back
Total is a 9 min work out! Good luck

2) I call this the "peace make!"

X20 sec high tuck jumps
X20 sec high knee sprint 
X20 burpees
Repeat this 6 sets back to back
Total is only a 6 min work out! 

3) I call this the " finisher"
U need to be in the gym for this one.

X12 bicep pull ups in 20 seconds
X10 clean and press in 30 seconds
10 sec gap
X12 high pulls 32kg kettle or less in 20 seconds
X10 dead lifts in 30 seconds
10 sec gap
Repeat 4 sets back to back
Total is only 8 mins but omg this works a treat! 
U have a choice to go heavy or not!

There you have it gang ..
Good luck and push your self

Naturally you will struggle 1st time so try these 3 inside one week at least for 3 weeks.

However I'd love your initial feed back



  1. Wow, thanks Dan, very very very useful for us instructors, =)

  2. Love it
    Did training for cx and next on my list is combat :)

  3. Yesterday we did it with the whole class 55 people , everyone loved it !! Heavy !!