Friday, March 23, 2012

Healthy eating

Hi team

Ok so I've gone crazy paleo
Thanks Andreas and thanks Rach for your input.

Monday was chicken and pork day

Tuesday was red meat and egg day

Wednesday was fish all day

Thursday (today)
Steak for breakfast ,

Tonight's meal and I know it's sounds crazy but it's what's left in my fridge.

Steak mince, prawns, corn, zucchini , peppers, garlic , mushrooms, carrots

Every day I snack on

Greens, broccoli, nuts,

Tomorrow is pork, chicken and lamb day

I'm drinking so much water I'm having to wee like every hr!
Yea thanks Andreas..

So I hope you gladiators out there can get some basics from this.

The most important thing to take away from this post today should be!!!

Eat well people

Dan x

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  1. GREAT STUFF!!!!

  2. How are you finding the paleo eating? Verses the amount of exercise your doing do you feel better able to exercise harder?