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IRON MAN work out by Dan Cohen

The workout!
IRON MAN workout by Dan Cohen

Kettle bell figure of 8 thru the legs-x20
Kettle bell around the back then switch hands- x20
Alternating kettle bell hang cleans - x20

The workout

Iron legs
Single kettle bell goblet squat x10
Front squat with kettle bell in each hand x10
One arm overhead kettle bell squat
X10 on each arm
Rest 2mins

Iron power
Start at shoulder-Two arm kettle bell jerk x10
Start between the legs-Double kettle bell snatch x10
Single kettle bell dead clean from ground x10 on each arm
Rest 2mins

Repeat in order all of iron legs then all of iron power.

On this second time thru you can adjust your kettle bell weight!.. Either go up or if your form is going then come down in your weight selection.

Iron core
Windmill x5 each side
Alternating bent over row x10
Repeat x 2 sets

Plank walk out x20
Straight leg reverse curl x20
Side hover hip lift x20 both sides

Slow crunches perfect technique to failure.

This whole work out took around 51 mins

Focus on a really good weight selection
After 8 reps you should feel exhausted!
Focus on really good tempos with great technique
And during the explosive power moves stay focused on your kettle bell form in every rep to ensure safety

Iron man's intensity I've put at around 7.9 - 10
Purely due to the fact it's a controlled work out and has no top end held cardio periods... Which I'm happy about for this one.


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  1. Just a thought from an experienced kettlebell user, It would be a great idea to upload videos of you performing these actions and key points on how to properly perform each exercise. Active back, knees under the hips, chest up etc.

    Looks like a good workout, just putting out that video idea to keep followers injury free. Cheers!