Monday, April 2, 2012

Vauxfit sprint

Monday's 2nd April work out.

It's tuff but gets the job done!!

Vauxfit sprint

Dynamic warm up. 10 min
For time:
Row 500m
Clean x5
Clean press x5
Thruster x5
Run 60 m fast
kettle bell high pull x 21
Burpee x15
Pull ups x9
Repeat 3 sets

Box jump x12
Burpee box jump x12
Medball slam x12

8 min abs

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Location:LONDON England

1 comment:

  1. whao !!! Again... whao !!! your workouts are always exciting and challenging. Make me fitter. I did 5 rounds of the vauxfit. I'm wondering... Do you have a metal alloy adamantium bonded to your skeleton like my old friend WOLVERINE ? Say what ??
    Jeez, 12 rounds ... I guess I need to eat some special cookies.