Saturday, April 7, 2012

20 min workout

Only got 20 minutes to train?
No excuse to slack.

Set time circuit 2!

Box jump x15
Kettle bell renegade x12
Burpee x12
Pushup burpee box jump x8
Kettle bell ground clean x8
Plyo lunge x20
Set time for 20 mins


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Location:London England


  1. This is a short and sharp workout!
    Was really tough to me! I didn't it fast...i'm not good with burpees and jump box. I'm not used to it! But i need to do something more than my conventional strength training. I really wanna improve my fitness. I need more challenges to go to the next level! I'm gonna start some TRX workout too.
    Congrats for CXWORKX 06! Track 02 is awesome!
    Tks Vaux

  2. Did this yesterday... wow talk about tough. looking forward to incorporating it to my weekly HIIT training program. Am a little tender today! Thanks heaps Dan!