Saturday, January 12, 2013

Strong man sled workout

Today's strong man sled workout

Set distance on grass ,pace out 75m and clearly mark. ( I used a slam rope- which we then used later on, at the end of the work out).

Warm up

Just sled and harness

Run with sled x2 lengths
Whilst partner runs along side.
Swap over

Add 15kg plate and repeat above.
However- partner farmer walk 10kg plate each hand.
Swap over

Finally x2lengths back wards running with harness high pull into crucifix arms.
Partner repeat the farmer walks.

The work out

Harness run
Add another 10kg plate
Partner run along side.
Swap over

High pull
Partner motivate and run along side.
swap over

Repeat the above 2 more times- but, keep adding 5,10 or 15 kg each set

The same for the high pull- but remember the harness run will always have more weight on the sled vs the high crucifix arms- ( legs are stronger)

Next move

Add poles

And now push sled and stay low to the ground and add a further 10kg each set

Perform x3 sets total

Keep motivating each other the entire way. The sun shines down and it's easy to dehydrate so keep ur fluids up.


Rope slams x1 minute and swap

Repeat 3 sets total each

Finish with fist pumps, high fives, shouting at strangers walking in the park and pretend your there personal coach telling them they can do ANYTHING if the put there mind to it! Haha we got some very funny response back.

Ok everybody

Keep it real and stay with the fight


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