Monday, February 4, 2013

Mondays workout

Today,deadlifts.5 rep on the minute every minute x10 rounds ,add to 80%of u max to the bar x3rep on the minute every minute - add to 90% x1 rep every 30sec for 20 mins.
Work back wards from ur 1rep max to find ur 3 rep load and ur 5 rep load.
Amrap( as many rounds as possible) 15 push-up 10 swing 5 kip for a total of 15mins and this is to be performed after the deadlifts.
My results- I managed on my lifts
X5 85kg
X3 115kg
X1 140kg

And on the AMRAP WOD
I completed x15 full round plus
X15 push-ups and x 8 swings.

Was good start to my Monday.

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